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Stephanie newton - CEO

Stephanie is a strategic thinker who is motivated to make decisions when faced with multiple options in the here and now. She can quickly assess the situation, choose a few possible options, and then strike with a decision on the best option. As a Head Volleyball Coach at Madison High School, she went on to revamp the program and set new school records in her first year as coach. Stephanie has been a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA, since 2012 she has helped hundreds of individuals all over the country find natural solutions for their health. Her passion and drive has lead her to a top leadership position in the company, where she is able to mentor, train, and empower team members to rise up to their full potential and make a difference in their homes and communities. Stephanie’s love for serving and travelling has taken her to Jamaica, where she helped plant a ginger farm with agriculture students and educated middle school girls about menstrual care with Days for Girls foundation. She also travelled to Nepal with doTERRA Healing Hands and Choice Humanitarian, where they oversaw the harvesting of Wintergreen, and helped rebuild the first school since the earthquakes. Stephanie is a mom of four and loves going on adventures with her family.  She is passionate about providing educational opportunities and basic healthcare services to those who are less fortunate.

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