Our Mission

We believe that education is a transformational force and our mission at the Foundation for American Education Overseas is to give students in developing nations the chance to experience high-quality, American education without having to travel overseas. We believe that over time, by keeping the best and brightest in their home countries post-graduation, we will see a more stabilized, modernized and peaceful world.

Photo by Wavebreakmedia/iStock / Getty Images

OUr Vision

Support the best and brightest in Africa with American Education. Together we can provide an educational opportunity to the most deserving of students.  

Famine, multi-generational poverty, hyperinflation, genocide- These are just a few of the problems facing Sub-Saharan Africa. Many of these calamities can be traced back to lack of education in the general population.

Students who are capable of going to college but cannot afford the cost, are left behind to either attend a domestic university (if they’re lucky) or go directly into a less than minimum wage job. Students who can afford to go to college, often leave the African continent and do not return, creating a “brain drain” in these countries that desperately need educated and skilled workers. 

While there are currently European and African colleges in Africa, their approach to education leaves gaps by training students only in specific areas, and using older outdated training methods and technologies.  This dooms generation after generation to repeat the cycle of poverty, unemployment, and destabilization.

It’s time to break that cycle.